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Moon Circles

Something magical happens when women gather together in a circle

I started hosting monthly moon circles for women in the summer of 2021 because I wanted to create a sacred space for us to slow down, breathe, move, rest, reflect and share with one another. 

It's a circle of trust, vulnerability, compassion and encouragement and it's grown into something more valuable than I ever could have imagined. Each month I offer a different theme, whether it's setting new intentions under the new moon or releasing what no longer serves us under the full moon, but every month we're focused on nurturing and loving ourselves exactly where we are. The moon is a beautiful reminder that no matter what phase we're in, we are whole and worthy.

Moon circles include:


Asana yoga practice

Journal prompts



Tarot card pulls

If you're interested in joining our circle or if you would like me to facilitate a circle for your own group of women, please contact me at

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